Local and National SEO

Be found. Outrank your competition.

White Hat SEO: Rank Strategically

93% of online experiences begin with a keyword search — and with over 2 billion internet users — approximately 60% are clicking only the top results. These alarming statistics represent the immense power and impact SEO holds over your business goals. Today, an un-optimized website is a one-way ticket to a “closed” sign hanging on the door. 

In terms of a successful digital marketing strategy, SEO is your #1 driving force of organic online leads. The daily monitoring, coding, editing, content creation, and optimization are all worked out for you by us…ensuring your website achieves the key of three:

  1. S-Simple To Find
  2. E-Easy To Categorize
  3. O-Outranking Above Competitors

When you call upon us to be your SEO team, this is one area of your business that will continuously gain traction.

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Dominate the Front Page...


Local SEO For Small Business

Just because you’re a small business, it doesn’t mean you need to “play small”. It simply means you need to play a “big game” by starting with a targeted approach. By focusing your efforts on local SEO, your brand can gain distinct visibility more easily with your target audience by:

  • Dominating the top rank in a “smaller pond”
  • Ensuring your business immediately pops up as the solution to your local target customer’s problem
  • Having your business address, phone number, and website right in front of your ideal prospect
  • Ensuring maximum ROI on your marketing budget
“Local” simply means that any potential customer within driving distance will have a direct line-of-site to you when they hit up the search engines for the product/service you offer. We can set you in place to earn business.

We were able to go to page one in a matter of weeks. Calls started to come in and we were booking business. 

-Midwest Counseling Services

SEO For E-Commerce

More people are turning to the search engines every year when they want to look up a product they’re interested in. This is an area where you do not want to get buried. SEO is an area of e-commerce marketing where the most attentive to competition with your needed keywords wins the rank.

The good new is that potential customers are already searching for your product — the one that will fill their need. You just need to be present and meet them where they’re at. Not that it’s easy…but it is simple. Contact us to find out the solutions we can provide, and make sure your brand stands out among crowd.