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Marketing Tools? Don’t Forget the “Human Stuff”

This one goes out to all the humans out there. As you read this, you’re currently taking time out of your life to do so. Actually, you’re taking time in your life. This is your life…right now. You have friends, family, responsibilities, aspirations, hopes, dreams, emotions, and…needs. And if I fail to understand that, there’s no way I’m going to succeed at connecting with you here. (This post is getting quite meta, huh?)

So why is it I’m noticing digital marketing folks getting more technical, and less interested in humans? All I hear about and see nowadays are marketers talking about backlinks, meta tags, rankings, analytics and…canonical links? Trust me, I understand that all these tools and concepts are important…but I see marketers talk about this stuff more than the actual humans they’re trying to drive to their website.


The REAL Job of a Marketer

As marketers, we cannot forget that our primary job — the job that’s not explicitly stated, but implicitly known — is to connect a solution to the needs of humans. And we can’t place our primary focus on the marketing tools to convert them into customers. Tools are great, but they only get the job done after the real “human stuff” has been laid out.

If you wake up tomorrow morning with a leak in your roof, and you call your trusty roofing contractor in a trembling, sweaty panic…is he just going to show up with a hammer and immediately start pounding away at your roof? Heck, no! What kind of non-sense would that be? He hasn’t even addressed the problem yet. Only after he knows what tool is going to be most effective, can he decipher whether he needs a hammer, a hot mop, or just some good ol’ fashioned duct tape.

I remember one time when someone tried to lay out a marketing plan with me by immediately saying, “We need to do a webinar sales funnel or something.” There were just a couple minor things missing that could put a damper on that whole thing:

  • They hadn’t decided who their target market was
  • They didn’t have a clear and attractive offer
  • Their website wasn’t optimized for conversion
  • They had no concept of the benefits they were providing

So, if someone doesn’t know what they’re providing, who they’re providing it to, what that person has to gain with their unclear offer, and doesn’t even have a website geared to attract or convert that person…which they have no idea who they’re helping…and no idea how they’re helping them…gasp…Do you see the costly disaster here?


So What is this “Human Stuff”?

The “human stuff” is the need. Who is your target customer and what do they need? And…how are they going to search for the solution to their problem? It’s amazing what happens — and what questions you can answer — once you begin think in terms of other peoples’ needs.

If your target customer doesn’t use Facebook much, then why would you spend money on Facebook advertising? Or…if they are on Facebook, you’d better get going on that pronto!

Is your target customer using specific keywords on Google to search for the thing [you have] that’s going to meet their needs? Time to ramp up the SEO. And if they need it now, and you need immediate returns in your business, you might want to consider ramping up some Google pay-per-click.

But…these tools are only going to work if the “human stuff” is understood. Once you get that down, you’ll immediately know which tool to pull out of your box.

If you need help with that “human stuff”, or you’re in a place where you have that down, and want to tap into some powerful tools to connect with your target customer, click here to contact Blue Arc Media. We’d be delighted to take your product or service offer, use it to meet the needs of humans, and help grow your business to new heights!

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